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EO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the
                                                                      Sprocess of trying to attain higher rankings for your
              BLACK HAT                                               keywords or search phrases in the Google results because
                                  vs vs
                                                                      higher rankings mean more traffic. The necessity of SEO is
                                                                      not in question, but the way you should go about it is often
              WHITE HAT                                               debatable.

                                                                        SEO can go one of two routes. The first is white hat SEO
                  SEO                                                 black hat SEO which attempts to game the system for faster
                                                                      which uses techniques that Google approves of. The other is

                                                                      results from less work.

                                                                                           Knowing the differences between
                                                                                                    the two helps you
                                                                                                     understand which
                                                                                                      one is better for
                                                                                                      your website.

                                                                                            White Hat SEO

                                                                                  White hat SEO is an approved collection of
                                                                      search engine optimization techniques intended to boost
                                                                      the position of a website in search engine results pages.
                                                                      This is also commonly known as organic search results.
                                                                      Sponsored links and paid ads feature prominently on search
                                                                      results pages, which means that any organic results visible
                                                                      have limited space and attention. Given that, getting top
                                                                       placement is considered to be highly desirable.

                                                                             Most search engine users will never go to the
                                                                           second page of SERPs. In fact, most organic traffic
                                                                             only looks at the links on the top half of the first
                                                                                page, and most of the actual click-through
                                                                                   traffic goes to the first three links.

                                                                                      Specific white-hat SEO techniques
                                                                                   you might use include:

                                                                      �  Making sure that crucial keywords are included in your
                                                                        URL and title

                                                                      �  Balancing including enough relevant text or keywords per
                                                                        page without stuffing keywords
                                                                      �  Incorporating buttons and links that draw readers deeper
                                                                        into your website

                                                                      �  Posting links to your social media accounts and engaging
                                                                        users there

                                                                      �  Putting video content up

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