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Your brand’s voice should be a trusted voice   the various channels you are using to reach
        that the people who care about your business   the public.
        love. You don’t have to have a story for your
        logo, but you do have to have one for your   6. Put Everything in a Brand Style
        company. Your brand should be able to   Guide
        express itself in all possible forms and come
        across as sincere, reliable, and credible. If your   Your brand guidelines should be a set
        customers want to understand what it means,   of rules that you follow to have consistency
        you must communicate this fact as clearly as   across all marketing materials and programs.
        possible and ensure they know your words   Your brand guidelines are how your logo
        quickly. People hear and experience your
                                             and branding are used in all aspects of your
        brand voice when they read your brand, hear   business. You can use this style guide to
        it being spoken, or see it on your marketing
                                             ensure the quality of what is being created,
        materials. You want to ensure that your voice
                                             making people trust the message more
        is consistent with your brand guidelines. If you
        ask people to take a certain action, keep that   than anything else. You want to be sure that
        voice in mind. Your voice can be unique, funny,   everything you are creating reflects what
        serious, and any other type you can think of.  your brand stands for and how it operates.
                                             Including the voice and tone in your branding
 Guidelines  consistent logo and color palette. You want to   but it can change depending on what you are
        4. Include Your Logo and Brand’s
                                             guidelines page is one of the most important
           Color Palette
                                             parts of it. Your brand will have a technique,
           It’s only possible to market with a
                                             trying to present to your customers. You want
                                             to be able to change how you market yourself
        include all possible variations of your brand
                                             but still stick to the core values of your
        logo on your brand guidelines page. With all
        variations, you want to ensure that the colors
                                             easy read; they shouldn’t be too arrogant or
        match how you want them shown in the
                                             too modest. They need to be simple with a
        marketing materials. Your colors should be   company. Your brand guidelines should be an
        rooted in your brand story, but it doesn’t mean   clear message.
        they have to be used in every aspect of your
        marketing materials. Be sure to show where   7.  Specify the Visuals and Imagery
        you want your colors to be used and if you   that Reflect Your Brand Image
        have a message behind them.
                                               You need to have an idea of what your
        5. Use Your Voice in Every Piece of   brand looks like and include that in your
           Marketing Materials               branding guidelines. When you share a
                                             message about your brand with people, you
           Your brand’s voice should be used in all   want that message to come across clearly
        marketing materials and in all aspects of the
                                             and firmly.
        customer experience. You can expect that
        your teams will use this voice in their work; it
                                               Your branding should be used to form
        will set some boundaries so they don’t create
                                             the core of the company. The company must
        something that won’t properly represent you
                                             clearly know who they are and what they
        and your brand. You can also use quotes or
                                             do. You need to ensure that every piece of
        write your own statements in your brand voice
        when promoting something on social media.   information about your business is consistent
        You want to be consistent and ensure as many   and shows people what they are getting
        people hear your voice as possible. You want   into when they buy from you. Your branding
        to have more than one written statement or   guidelines can be used to ensure that you
        video about your brand; you should have many   have relevant and consistent messaging
        different ones. You can then share them on all   across all media channels.

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