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             brand is a product type; it’s how   1.  Make Your Brand a Consistent   2. Come up With a Great Brand
        A you want your company to be seen.    Experience                           Story
        Discovery is the key to success, so you
                                                                                    Your account can be found in every aspect
        need to know who your customers are. This   Your brand is one of the things that your
                                                                                  of your business, from the products you offer
        will help you create tactics, messages, and   customers see, hear, and experience when   to your marketing strategies. You have to
        targets. Your brand guidelines must be as   they interact with your company. You want   come up with and share a fantastic brand
        formalized as possible so it’s easy for others   to ensure that your brand is a consistent   story. People want to know what makes your
                                                                                  company unique, which is why you need to tell
        to understand. Also, ensure that you cover   experience across all messaging, logos, and
                                                                                  a story about your company. The better you
        every aspect of your company’s operations,   marketing materials; that it is a seamless
                                                                                  can tell that story, the more deeply people will
        from its mission statement to its values and   experience for them. Your customer will   get involved with your brand. You can flesh
        goals. If anything unique about your company   always know who you are, and you want that   out this story by pointing it at a high level, but
                                                                                  writing it down in a document anyone can
        should be added to your brand guidelines,   to be as consistent as possible. It has to be
                                                                                  read and understand is key. Your brand story
        it needs to be made clear in this section.   consistent in all aspects of your business to
                                                                                  should be shared via all media or channels as
        Identifying where you want your brand name   ensure that the message you are sending is   often as possible.
        to go is one of the main parts of crafting a   the message they are receiving. Your brand
                                                                                  3. Define Your Brand Voice
        brand guidelines page. You can have many   should be so well known that people should
        goals with your company, but make sure it fits   easily recognize it. They need to know what it   People want to trust what they see and
        your mission statement and vision.   stands for and where it’s going.     hear when interacting with your company.

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