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        Top Technical SEO Issues Every

                      Webmaster Should Master

                                     Engine Optimization can be a   their web browsing sessions. Not only will you help protect yourself
                 SEARCH challenging task for any website.      against identity theft, but you will also help search engines index your
                 It involves constantly monitoring your website’s performance   site faster.
                 and keeping track of changes in search engine algorithms
                 and user trends. With so much going on in the SEO world,   HTTPS is not a requirement for Google, but it’s an important step in
                 things can quickly get complicated.           the right direction when ranking better in search results. Search engines
                                                               can’t index encrypted data, so they need you to use HTTPS on all pages
                   You need to monitor your website regularly to   of your website.
                 ensure that it’s up-to-date with the latest standards and
                 recommendations regarding Search Engine Optimization.   They improve your site’s ranking by showing the search engine bots
                 Technical issues are common, and they can have a major   that your site is secure. Google uses HTTPS as a signal that your site is
                 impact on your search engine ranking. Even something as   trustworthy and authentic.
                 simple as duplicate meta tags could have a negative impact
                 on your website’s search engine ranking.
                    There are many technical details that you should know
                  about if you want to optimize your website for search   Backlinks are the most important part of SEO, and it’s easy to forget
                   engines. Here are some of the most important issues that   them. Google has an algorithm for determining what content is relevant
                    every webmaster should keep in mind when optimizing   and valuable to people. Backlinks are one of the factors that can
                     their site for search engines:            determine a website’s search engine rankings.

                                                                  Backlinks are links from other websites pointing to your website.
                               No HTTPS Security
                                                               These links help Google determine whether or not your site is relevant
                               HTTPS is a method of encrypting data   to its users. Backlinks from trusted sites can help improve your search
                               to prevent it from being accessed by   engine rankings, but they don’t guarantee a better position in the search
                                  unauthorized parties. All web users   results pages.
                                      need to be using HTTPS for
                                                                  When you use backlinks, you should aim for quality ones that will
                                                               be useful to your target audience, not just any old link with any old
                                                               anchor text pointing to your website. Quality backlinking is essential for
                                                               improving your search engine rankings.

                                                               Valid Markup

                                                                  The validity of your markup is very important for improving your
                                                               search engine rankings. The markup validator can help you check the
                                                               validity of your website’s HTML code. To rank well in Google, you need
                                                               to have a valid markup. Your website should be structured in a way that’s
                                                               easy for search engines to read and understand.

                                                                  Valid markup also helps Google understand what your site is about
                                                               and what it has to offer its users. If your code isn’t valid, it will affect
                                                               Google’s results for relevant searches. The results may not be as
                                                               relevant, or they may not show at all because Google won’t understand
                                                               your site’s content.

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