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Keywords                             on your site, the site architecture, the speed
                                                                                  of your server, and the amount of traffic you
                                               It would be best to use keywords relevant
                                             to your site’s topic. The more keywords you   receive. Your site’s performance influences the
                                                                                  speed at which visitors see your site’s content.
                                             use, the better. Keywords are important for   Visitors will leave if they encounter slow pages,
                                             increasing the click-through rate of your
                                             website. You should add as many keywords as   so you must optimize your site and make sure
                                             possible to your site’s content.     the pages load quickly for visitors.

                                               The keywords in your site’s content should   W3C Coding Standards
                                             be the same format as those you use for your
                                             meta tags. A keyword that is too long won’t be   The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is
                                             useful to a search engine, so you can break up   an international community that develops open
                                             keywords into multiple words if necessary.  standards for the World Wide Web. Search
                                                                                  engines use W3C coding standards to judge
                                               Webmasters should monitor their site’s   the quality of web pages. Web developers use
                                             performance using tools like Google Analytics.   W3C coding standards to ensure that their
                                             They should also use tools that help them track   pages are easy for search engines to read and
                                             and improve their site’s performance, such as   understand. This will help improve your ranking
                                             the free Webmaster Tools for Google Analytics.  on Google and other search engines.

                                                                                    W3C also has a mobile usability guideline,
                                             Domain Authority
                                                                                  which details how your website should be
                                               Domain Authority is a metric that measures   designed when viewed on a mobile device
                                             how “authoritative” your site is. It measures how   such as a smartphone or tablet. By following
                                             well your site ranks in related search results   this guideline, you can ensure that visitors can
                                             on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This metric is   easily access your content while they’re on the
                                             important for SEO because it tells you whether   go and get the information they need. This will
                                             or not you have the authority to rank high on   help improve your ranking in Google searches
                                             Google for certain keywords.         on mobile devices.

                                               A website with a high Domain Authority
                                             rating is believed to be a trustworthy source   Low-Quality Images
                                             of information. It also makes it easier for   Images are a great way to boost your
                                             visitors to find your website when they search   website’s appearance and make it look
                                             for certain keywords. Domain Authority is   attractive. However, poor-quality images can
                                             measured by a numeric score determined   damage your site’s overall appearance. Images
                                             by the number of links pointing back to your   with low resolution will not help you rank in
                                             website, so getting as many links as possible   the search results and may even harm your
                                             on your site is important.
                                               You can do this by linking to other sites that
                                             are valuable and relevant to your content. The   While you don’t need a high-quality image
                                             more links pointing back to your site, the higher   for every page, adding high-quality images
                                             Domain Authority you have.           when appropriate will be beneficial. The higher
                                                                                  the quality of an image, the better Google will
                                                                                  like it and rank it in search results.
                                             Site Speed
                                               Site speed is measured using tools such   When adding an image to your page, ensure
                                             as Pingdom or Google’s PageSpeed Insights.   that you have good lighting so visitors can
                                             These tools provide insight into how fast your   clearly see what is being depicted. Use a color
                                             pages load on different devices and platforms   scheme that is easy on the eyes, and make
                                             (mobile and desktop). The more responsive a   sure that there are no distracting elements
                                             page is, the higher its ranking will be.  such as text or other elements that could
                                                                                  distract from what’s being shown in the image.
                                               There are several factors that influence   An example of an attractive image would be a
                                             site speed, including the amount of content   sunset with beautiful clouds in the background.

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