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        Who is using the PunkPanda Farm?                            PunkPanda Token Holders “app” & Panda
                                                                  Token Holders “Farm” automatically stake the
           The Panda Token Holders “Farm” would be                tokens in the wallets. A smart contract connects
        your typical crypto investor. They are the ones           with the staked wallets. If you unstake your
        to buy tokens at Pancake Swap & want to earn              wallet to withdraw, you will not receive rewards
        rewards. External Wallets can participate in              (every 30 minutes) for the next 48 hours. The
        rewards through PunkPanda Farms back-office.              Smart Contract will skip the delivery of that
        By simply moving them to the PunkPanda Farm,              wallet for 48 hours. When you unstake it will
        the rewards of PunkPanda Tokens will come                 take 48 hours to withdraw. Make sure you do
        every 30 minutes. All Panda token holders will            your withdrawal, then stake the remaining
        see the number of Panda Tokens growing in their           tokens and the Smart Contract will start
        PandaFarm staked wallets.                                 delivering again.

           For token numbers to be counted towards the
        rewards calculated every 30 minutes, the tokens
        must have been staked in your digital wallet
        inside the Punk Panda Chat app or in the digital
        wallet on

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