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There are four phases of mining:

                                                                   PHASE 1: The first phase begins at the time of
           The Smart Contract will deliver a new block             deployment of the smart contract. Mining intervals
        of 2100 PunkPanda tokens every 30 minutes                  in this phase span 30 minutes where 2100
        for the first year. In the second and third year,          PunkPanda tokens are allocated per block.
        the smart contract will deliver a new block of
        1050 PunkPanda tokens every 20 minutes. In                 PHASE 2: This phase consists of two years.
        the 4th-8th year, the smart contract will deliver          The reward will be 50% of the reward in phase
        525 PunkPanda tokens every 15 minutes. In                  1. Therefore, mining intervals in this phase span
        the 8th-15th year, 263 PunkPanda tokens will               20 minutes where 1050 PunkPanda tokens are
        be delivered to wallets every 10 minutes. These            allocated for each block.
        halving schedules, combined with restricted
        supply  will help to make the PunkPanda token              PHASE 3: In this phase, the rewards are cut to half
        difficult to mine and more valuable.                       to become 485 PunkPanda tokens per mining block
                                                                   at 15-minute intervals. This phase will cover a span
           The mining schedule will be done via a smart            of 4 years.
        contract and will govern the token allocation of
        each mining block over the entire 15-year mining           PHASE 4: Considered the golden period, 263
        schedule. This provides assurance that the token           PunkPanda tokens are allocated per block at
        rewards program outlined at the beginning of the           10-minute intervals. During this period, the mining
        project, not only is executed fairly and flawlessly,       rewards will be decreased, and total users will
        but remains in place in perpetuity.                        increase significantly.

           Each PunkPanda token mining phase has a
        halving interval after which the block reward will
        decrease and the time per block will also decrease.

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